WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Three Times a Charm.

Try State Magazine released its third issue this week with much anticipation and excitement. Editors Robert & Robert managed to produce their best edition yet.  Issue Three is the grown-up version, more sophisticated and advanced without loosing any of the edgy-progressive flair that makes Try State Magazine stand out from the rest.  It has been labeled the "Bible of Emerging Art and Photography" by several respected publications and collectors, and their circulation remains the A-list of contemporary curators, including artists, gallery directors, designers, stylists and assorted trend-setters. Many of their past contributors were given the opportunity to move on to bigger and more lucrative projects because of the international exposure of Try State Magazine.

The cover, by Texas artist Coke Brown, is a clever and striking "sleeve-face" image  of Tammy Faye Baker's record album held in front of a hairy-burly type, which offers a perfect contrast of masculinity and femininity. It is a true tribute to Coke’s recent passing and the perfect introduction to what is to follow. Issue Three includes a stunning mix of Try State Magazine website regulars along with some extraordinary new talent  from across the globe. Try State Magazine makes exploring these talents easy with the artist's website and contact information directly below the piece. Staying true to form, the layout  is uncluttered and sleek with a minimalist design. Each page is a true showcase of images.

Some surprises were veteran photographers Bruce LaBruce of Hustler White fame.  His portrait of a well hung model in a dog mask makes for a striking opener. Music mogul and "Rough Gods" photographer Michael Alago has two prominent images in this issue: one of a skinhead and the back cover of a jockstrap under a "hustler" sign.  Both the images are perfectly executed.

Inside Issue Three are a few Try State favorites: French nude self-portrait photographer Sylvain Norget (Try State Magazine Issue Two cover boy) who includes two crisp images that beautifully showcase his perfect legs and butt; Walt Cessna, a New York City photographer who's black and white "portrait" shot through a glory hole provides a voyeuristic  demonstration of homo culture; and Black Peter Group front man Gio Black Peter (Try State Magazine Issue One cover boy) who includes an amazing self portrait reminiscent of a Caravaggio figure. Continuing with Try State website staples are New York street art documentarian Christopher Stribely; “I Heart Boy” portrait photographer Jessica Yatrofsky; and Manhattan party boy extreme Rob Ordonez, who all exhibit sensational images.  Photographer and NY Press journalist Gerry Visco holds center court with two whimsical and intoxicating images from her "Suburbialand" series where she and her urban crew descended on the Suburban Museum in Levittown, Long Island, to produce a wild mockery of suburban life.  Other Try State perennial artists include International photographer Luca Guarini, one half of the acclaimed team Luca & Luigi; cutie Diego Garcon; Ves Pitts; and robbeyond.

Notable images by newcomers to Try State Magazine include Federico Forlani's two opposing portraits of an emaciated couple on one page and a chubby fellow wrapped in leather straps on the opposite page; Argentinian artist Soalrixx who's surreal gothic-like photos are addicting; one image from Tobias Feltus’ polyptych of his various degrees of erotic madness; San Francisco photographer Ryan Scott whose buttocks is in perfect couture to the claw foot tub he is posing in; a morose and sure-to-be controversial suicidal self-portrait from Sergio Delgado; Quar Brown’s unexpected urban gangland Pieta-like image; and two vibrant images from Jim Wilkinson’s series “Naked Truth.” Other newcomers to Try State Magazine include Brooklyn’s Robert Smith; Kris ; Gregory Moon; Portugal’s Dipiri;  Frank Aron Gardso; Germany’s Rob Torres; painter Naruki Kukita; and Brian Riley. 

Some of the most amazing contemporary portraits I have seen this year are in this issue: vibrant and brisk images from Michael Puff; dynamic and creative self portraits by newcomer Joshua Mainprize creatively wrapped in nylons; clean and crisp images from Michal Boothe; and the sensual lines of the bodyscape by bolang.

With the inclusion of some fantastically talented artists from all over the world and more color pages than ever before, Try State Magazine Issue Three has clearly hit it’s stride. I can only imagine, and eagerly await what they have in store for us in their next issue.

A. Frick-Thomas
Curator & Collector

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