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WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

Monday, November 22, 2010

don't cry for me argentina

The Boys Need a Diva
by robbeyond

Historically, the boys need a Diva to worship, a fag hag, an icon, a mother, the representation of their fem side but most of all a defender. The outrageous and outspoken woman who represents their generation, understands them and encourages them to be who they are.  The Diva represnts the anti power male, suffering from heartache and dragged through the tabloids and gossip columns - similiar to the coming out process.

In the 1960's Bette Midler entertained and accepted her boys at the Continental Baths, she was their icon who said the things they wanted to hear and didn't put up crap - but most of all encouraged.

The long list of fag hag/dynamic and take no bs woman spans decades.  They not only have an army of boys but make sure that no other men take advantage, straight men are put in their place with the I Will Survive mentality .  Liza, Judy, Bette, Cher, Barbara, the list seems endless but in fact it is short and sweet and considering how many boys need a idol they are far and few between.  There was a decline of fag haggism in the 70's after the fall of disco and the new clone culture, until Madonna came along in the eighties. 

Lady Gaga came at the right moment, during the change and acceptance (just before a backlash) and she encourages her little monsters to rise and be heard.  Was it too much for the world to handle?  Party boys in wild clothing, gay men moving forward, even professional men letting down their guard.  The world responded with a a new menu of homophobia, and an increase in teen suicides followed stemming from confusion, self loathing and shame.

For a rising female star the formula seems simple, love your gays and they will love you back.  A built-in audience of loyal and faithful followers who will cheer you on, spend their disposable income on your success and laugh along with you.  Kathy Griffin, Margret Cho, Sandra Bernhardt and a selection of diva-potential girls waiting.  They need not be beautiful or thin or smart or stylish - although it helps, just on our side.  Be sure a drag queen can imitate your style and quirks, you have a bevy of team members as your hair and stylists, buddy up to the power gays,  and raise your voice, it is that simple.
when reprinting this article please give credit to try state magazine

The fantastic Michael Puff, Contributor to Try State Issue Three

The fabulous Christopher Stribley, NY photographer extreme.

sensational city shots by my friend robert ordonez, 
contributor to try state 3

trendsetting - the legendary walt cessna
try state two and three

beyond talent - new york's most wanted artist, scooter laforge

new talent: sergio delgado for try state number three

 fantasy man, the talented gregory moon, try state 3

try state fan supreme, leco vilela

One Thanksgiving I jerked off into the cranberry sauce because everyone gives me such a hard time about smoking pot all the time peter, alabama

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