WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

wigstock 98 was awesome

Ray Avito
Jury Duty, it's as American as Apple Pie or Marylin Monroe you'll see why

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

James Townsend

James is a young photographer from Los Angeles, He has a great collection of work to share with you. His scope ranges from classical portraits to horror scenes to still life, each better than the next. He has amazing sence of color and movement, you can tell the models are completly at ease and comfortable. James is able to capture each moment effortlessly, bringing together an imaginative story for us to read. Go take a look at his updated site, there are lots of great surprises around. His work is amazing and his imagination and creativity are endless.

Jtownsendphotos website

Monday, September 28, 2009

The incredibly sexy and talented
Walt Cessna

If you love looking at Walt's images as much as I do then you are going to love this new series. Walt never disappoints, He may have taken these photos in FLA, but the attitude, creativity and composition are all NYC. You can read his face, feel his expression and experience his self-schema. It is so rare that an artist can exhibit this depth without the images appearing contrived.

"I did these naughty series of self portraits 3 months into a 4 month bout of pneumonia & pleurisy where after a constant series of hospital stayz, major amounts of antibiotics and stupendous supplies of pain-killers & mood suppressants I had lost an incredible 30 lbs and was at the age of 45 wearing my 16 year old size 30 jean. This was the first time I took a bunch of pictures in over 2 months, I had literally been too weak to do anything but blog and watch bad cable made all the better from the ooze of Percocet that flowed over, through and around my brain.

They are very inspired by how pent up and frustrated and newly horny I was feeling. I hadn't seen my BF Will at the time for almost 5 months and was extremely fukt up and fiercely frustrated by his absence."

IF yOu ArE FUKT 2 StArt WiT
then join Walt on his site

Walt's Site

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Try State Magazine Issue Two will be available next week

Alexandra Gibson
Here are some more images from the very fierce Alexandra Gibson. I have reviewed her work before but Alexandra has sent some new images worth seeing. Her amazing portraits "carry a strong sense of personal and editorial narrative with an eye for the surreal. In stark black & white and vibrant color, she explores the boundaries of reality and eroticism. Her subjects have varied from portraits of Academy Award winners to goth kids, couples to single moms posing nude, Ludacris to the band that is going to get discovered.

Gibson shies away from studio photography, preferring to catch her subjects in their "natural environment" - performers backstage, lovers in their beds, friends that have gotten used to her camera, and people at festivals. However, her East Los Angeles studio is open to client request for boudoir shoots & portraiture. Every single photograph that is delivered to a client, Gibson has spent time with. She doesn't believe in bulk but in quality stunning photographs. She still believes in the art of the black and white photograph."

Alexandra's images will be features in Try State Magazine, Issue Two

Visit her site here: Alexandra

Sunday, September 27, 2009

86 West 3rd Street

Adam Kozik
It's hard not to compare some of Adam's work to Mapplethorpe, given the subjects and style. I, however don't think that is a bad thing considering my love an admiration of Mapplethorpe's work. Adam has that same keen eye for masculinity, eroticism and sensibility. His stylized portraits and landscapes are in perfect harmony with the lighting, depth of field and movement. His ability to capture the mood and essence of the models is so impressive. Adam has this amazing ability of taking neoclassic poses and turning them into these contemporary masterpieces, you have to look through his body of work to truly appreciate the talent that goes into them. The pieces i chose to exhibit here focus on position and movement, they are so unique and inviting. I have looked at thousands of amazing nude portraits and never have i seen such great direction and styling. Go visit Adam's website, the intro page is even wild!

Adam's Site Here

Friday, September 25, 2009

A few More sent in to me by Gregory Moon
Lord have mercy, I have not seen anything so hot since Diego's butt portraits

Jay Lawrence
Jay is a young photographer who has shot internationally. He is an advocate for love and equality and it carries over into his work. He is able to create amazing portraits with a large spectrum of models but each captures the same beauty, style and grace. Jay is masterful at finding the perfect setting, the best lighting and the most expressive situations. I love how he captures each model's best features and pulls together all the elements that make for a gorgeous portrait. His work is sensual, timeless and inviting. Jay is a rare talent and I expect to see amazing things from him in the future.

Jay's website