WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

Monday, March 23, 2009
Peter Breen joins the premier issue of Try State Magazine - This Artist is Incredible!!

"London Based photographer/artist Peter Breen has been doing a provocative series of self portraits for years now, usually clad only in sneakers and socks, or bits of costuming Breen's objectification of his own body is both intimate and otherworldly. It's an interesting statement on male beauty viewed through a queer lens when so much attention is placed on objectification of the aesthetic that Breen chose self portraits that at times are erotic but often candid or just as often frighteningly uneasy. His work seems voyeuristically private and bravely so a revelation of the inner world of the modern male psyche and its place at odds with the changing nature of the his place in said world. He toys with the masculine and the feminine and has a great grasp for capturing the natural light of the outdoors." by Andrew Klaus.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Adriano for Try State Magazine - Describes Himself as........

Adriano, 21 anos.

Pure, raw, explosive pleasure! Better than drugs, better than smack! Better than a dope -coke- crack -fix - hit - shoot - sniff - ganja - marijuana - blotter - acid - ecstasy! Better than sex, head, 69, orgies, masturbation, tantrism, Kama Sutra or Thai doggy-style! Better than banana milkshakes! Better than George Lucas's trilogy, the muppets and 2001! Better than Emma Peel, Marilyn, Lara Croft and Cindy Crawford's beauty mark! Better than the B-side to Abbey Road, Jimmy Hendrix and the first man on the moon! Space Mountain, Santa Claus, Bill Gates' fortune, the Dalai Lama, Lazarus raised from the dead! Schwarzenegger's testosterone shots, Pam Anderson's lips! Woodstock, raves... Better than Sade, Rimbaud, Morrison and Castaneda! Better than freedom, better than life!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Try State Magazine is the Visionaire of the Zine World, the new limited edition publication crafted by Robert & Robert is sure to gain international recognition with works by the World's most current artists. The sleek design and edgy images - think Marc Jacob ad meets Robert Maplethorpe - leaves us craving more. It is no wonder that pre-publication demand is a virtual who's - who of the A-list Art World." You can visit the preview at
A. Frick-Thomas

Entr'ouvert by Vivien Ayroles and Stefano Marchionini Confirmed to contribute to TRY STATE

The work presented here originates in our desire to integrate photographic images of different origins into diptychs, whose nature is to shed new light on their constituent parts. The combination of the images chosen here shows the relation between man and the urban or rural landscape, the relation between ‘internal’ (the intimate dimension) and ‘external’ (the social dimension). It is our wish to avoid whatever narrative might originate from the single images used in the diptychs : there is no story, there is no text. This lack of causality between the two images of the diptych will allow the single viewer to form his own response. We expose man to an image of himself and of his constructions of natural and artificial bodies.

Il lavoro presentato nasce dalla volontà di integrare immagini fotografiche dalle diverse origini in un sistema, quello proprio del dittico, teso ad accogliere e riflettere, con una nuova luce, le parti che lo compongono. L’associazione di queste immagini mostra la relazione fra l’uomo e il paesaggio urbano, o rurale. Il rapporto fra interno (dimensione intima) ed esterno (dimensione sociale). Il tentativo è quello di evitare l’imposizione di una narratività scaturita da immagini contigue: non si cerca di raccontare una storia, non c’è un testo. Per questo non vi è causalità fra le due immagini che compongono il dittico: sono assemblate di modo che ogni persona possa riconoscervi una suggestione differente. Esponiamo l’uomo a un’immagine di sé e delle sue costruzioni di corpi, naturali o artificiali.

Just Confirmed for the premier issue: San Francisco artist Lee Harvey Roswell

Lee Harvey Roswell's artwork is simply a portrayal of life, the attention focused on the bonds between suffering and humor. Hence, the many appearances in his work of adversity's most beloved target... the one that bounces back, the Clown. And all the world's a stage in Lee's eyes.