Try State was just featured on the blog XXY. 

The text is in Portuguese, but here is the English translation:

"Art, trash, erotica, fetish, homo, punk, music, and fashion. This is the editorial line of Try State, American photozine published by Robert and Robert that has just been released.

Published biannually, the first issue of Try State brings together works from the new artists of the underground scene like Csaba Faludi, ROBBEYOND, Stuart Sanford, Sylvain Norget, Luke GIlford, McKenzie James, Bolang, Luigi e Luca, Mikel Marton, Austin Young, Caroline Torem Craig, Caleb Ilda, Lee Harvey Roswell, Drasko Bogdonovic, Vivien Ayrolues & Stefano Marchionini (Entr´ouvert) e Adriano Batista.

On sale on the Internet--$12--the premier issue of Try State comes with 52 pages of contemporary art, combining works of pre-established artists (like those of photographer Austin Young with new talents like the Hungarian Csaba Faludi and his fetishistic, rude, exhibitionistic, and portraiture images.

The new zine is also a good buy with its writing: a poem here, a musical analysis there (about bands from the 80s forgotten in time) and chronicle titled "Confessions on a Fag Hag" about how to mantaiin your boys without losing your mental sanity.

See in the album some images from the premier issue of Try State.