WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Luigi Y Luca are always at the height of fashion, style and creativity.  They are by far my favorite photo duo and are photographed by the world's most profound and magnificent artists including self portrait work.  LYL never disappoint, they consistently produce the most amazing images. They continue to be a staple in Try State Magazine and rumor is they will be in New York in February. 

xacto blade pendant by vermillion graham 18k

f-word by gerry visco

ash stymest by rama

Kyle Kupres photographed by Walt Cessna

 devin photographed by robert greco

Dear Robbeyond, 
Recently I had amazing sex with a black guy.  I have never had interracial sex before.  During foreplay I fingered his ass for a while before I topped him.  Everything was amazing, we had great sex and I am really into him.  The weird thing is that afterwards I was not able to get his "smell" off my hands, particularly the finger that i used to penetrate him.  I am not saying it was a bad smell or a shit smell, it is more of this sexy body smell.  I washed my hands repeatedly and it did not come off. I have tried to ask a few of my friends both african american and caucasian friends if they ever experienced that.  My white friends sort of laughed and my black friends say i am being a crazy white boy. The smell stayed with me for a solid three days. This was good and bad, the smell actually made me so horny thinking aobu thte great sex, but also made me not want to use my hands to eat or anything because they didn't seem 'clean"  A few days later we had sex again and I did they same exact thing, I'm starting to really be into it.  What do you think?
Hi Rich, 
I have written before about the powers of our olfactory system, in this case I think it is more than that.  Different nationalities can mean different rituals, chemistry, eating habits, products, etc.  This can create body oils and secretions that you are not familiar with.  This is most likely the case, his body produced an oil based secretion, which is why it was so difficult to remove. 

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