WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

Saturday, October 9, 2010

lisbon, portugal

i hate aries from x-tube


paintings by gerard boersma

Dear Robbeyond,
I have this friend that is a performer, I find him extremely attractive. I love everything about him, his personality, his talent, his looks, but he has a boyfriend and has been with him for several years. I am happy enough to just be around him and I haven't made my feelings known to him, nor do i think I ever will. In reality we are not compatible, but I don't think there's anything wrong with lusting from afar.  The thing is, whenever I am am close to him, i find myself always trying to smell him.  Especially after a show when he is all sweaty.  His smell drives me insane. I usually can't even be around him very long cause I pop a boner. I think this is a little strange dont you.

Dear Allen, 
I don't think that it is strange at all, our olfactory system is a very strong and powerful system.  It is also the most primitive and leaves us with little control.  You describe his scent after performing and sweating, well he is giving off powerful pheromones which in turn trigger all kinds of reactions and neurons to your central nervous system.  There really is nothing you can do to control that, as you have no control over that automated system. I say sniff away and enjoy the sensation.

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