WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

photos: robbeyond

The Delicious and Determined Daniel Nardicio

Club Promoter Extraordinaire, Radio personality, Creator of the Dlist and now Spokesman and PR for Playgirl Magazine, Daniel is about much more than getting cute boys to strip down and party in their underwear.

Not only is he incredibly sexy and personable, Daniel is a true New York City entrepreneur. Along with a handful of other promoters, the New York club scene has remained a destination for international travelers and tourists and he has gotten very little recognition for it.

Daniel continues to help keep the scene alive with creative ideas, wild adventures and even had time to facilitate the most famous political “baby daddy” Levi Johnston into the public eye as a sex object - and now possibly the ‘largest’ nude sports scandal, Naked pictures of Tiger Woods. Even with those two, media circus stories under his belt, Daniel Nardicio is larger than that and almost larger than life.

What i learned from sitting down with Daniel is that he is incredibly modest, humble and cerebral. He enjoys sharing the recognition and helps foster new life and energy into an underground scene. His philosophy of life and disdain for the 9-5 structure is not only refreshing, but motivating to me and to the whole new generation of promoters, and self proclaimed nightlife celebutantes. “If it is something you love and enjoy, learn to sublimate it into a monetary project”. This is such wise advice, since we all deserve to love and enjoy what we do for a career! Of course it takes perseverance, creativity and motivation but if you possess those skills, there is no reason you shouldn’t be able to become successful.

Daniel’s mind is always at work, spinning and creating, it is a true gift that he is able to forecast what we all want to see, to do and how we want to be entertained. He realized early on that entertainment itself is a hot commodity. So with that discovery and his innate ability to master contingency - an amazing and iconic New York legend was created.

Time Out New York once quoted “ You haven't done gay nightlife in NYC until you have done Nardicio.” I think the boundaries that Daniel has managed to push, applies to nightlife all over the world. New York City sets the trends and those trends multiply internationally.

As a product of the fabulous 80’s culture, Daniel states that his first major party was promoting a gig featuring the fantastic Post-East Berliner Nina Hagen in New York City. After the success of Nina’s Nunsexmonkrock wildness, the party never really stopped. The New York nightclub scene in the 80’s played host to an endless amount of performers and artists. Post 80’s was the internet revolution and the ability to mass market, communicate and publicize. Daniel was able to capture the best of each decade, combine their effects, perfect it , and allow everyone else access to the fun.

It is no surprise that Daniel is destined for bigger things. He has rebranded the letter “D” into a list, a party, a radio show, a PR empire and a series of parties and shenanigans across the country. Daniel’s next step it to pay it forward. Watch out for a newly designed web site including an online store allowing access to the coolest new brands. It is a win-win for everyone.

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