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WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

Monday, February 6, 2012

blue monday

diogo, gorgeous. contributor to try state magazine

Blau Porn interviewed by The Homosocial
When did you start drawing and what would you say contributed to this?
I actually started drawing when I was a kid, my mum sent me to a drawing class in Germany where I grew up. After that I just continued, as I got older and hornier I stopped drawing the Alphabet and started drawing cocks.
What would you cite as the inspirations for your work?
Men, sweaty dirty men sex.
I love the use of colour in your illustrations, is the strong use of colour expressive of anything in-particular?
Yeah, every colour I put in at first just emphasizes the mood, I feel the subjects experience, sometimes it just plain fits, sometimes I want to distort the view, make it more exciting, aggressive or disturbing.
Are the subjects of your work fictional?
Some are, some are not, sometimes it’s myself I’m drawing, sometimes it’s from porn movies, sometimes I change my real characters into something fictional.
You have a trend of disguising the faces of your subjects, is there a conscious reason behind this?
Totally, I love to exaggerate the emotions the people feel in those sexual moments, aggressive, loving, submission….I feel like the most interesting level starts when I intensify the dirty faces.
Are your illustrations in anyway a reflection of your sexual fantasies or experiences?
I guess it’s a two sided thing, I started drawing porn just out of boredom in my Berlin appartment 4 years ago, I became horny, drew on, became hornier, drew more and exploded. It’s a completely different experience than drawing lets say still life. I continued drawing all kinds of stuff that attracted me. Draw, get horny, draw, get hornier, draw, orgasm. In a way every one of those drawings represents one of my orgasms.
Other than that I also like to draw sexual actions that I in particular am not a fan of, just because its beautiful and original I wanna get it on paper.
Do you feel it is healthy to get aroused by illustrative fictional drawings?
Of course it is.
What do you plan to achieve from your illustrations?
I’d love to publish them in magazines if people are interested. And in a few years if I think I have enough material I wanna make a book. Who knows, lets see what happens.

I never thought I’d ever be able to announce this, but you can pre-order my first book FUKT 2 START WITH at midnight Tuesday, February 7th. You will be titillated, shocked, subdued, entranced, repelled, antagonized, physically spent and mentally wound up…and that’s just the first page. 350 pages, 16 original short stories with 17 exclusive photographs accompanying them by a variety of eclectic artists such as Natasha Gornik, Benjamin Fredrickson, Shannon Greer, Devin Elijah, Scooter LaForge, John J Spencer, Dick Mitchell, Scott Pasfield, Allen Todd Yeager as well as myself. The best damn $24.95 you’ve spent in ages. Yeah, sure. But syrysly, this book makes JT Leroy look like a poser (oh wait, he/she was) and tells the tales of wayward teens run gloriously amok in a variety of surreal yet seemingly real situations sprinkled across the gritty landscape of downtown NYC and a scene that literally eats it’s young for sport.
    • When
      Wednesday, February 15, 2012 at 4:00pm until Thursday, February 16, 2012 at 4:30am

    Fall/Winter 2012 New York Fashion Week
    February 15Th, 2012 New York

    ... Alvaro Altamirano Entertainment is producing a Fashion Entertainment event on February 15, 2012 at The Amnesia NYC, 609 West 29th Street New York, NY.

    The Latino Show is a mega event whose aim is to bring together the 3 largest and most important Latino communities in the middle of New York Fashion Week, Brazil, Dominican Republic, and Colombia.

    The Latino Show event will take place during the fall / winter 2012 New York Fashion Week. Both emerging and newly established designers will be featured at the runway fashion show.

    Featuring Top Designers:
    1.Ana Segura
    2.Pearl Naidoo
    3.Russell Peguero
    4.Alberto Sanchez
    5.Epiphany Amor by Ms.Royal
    6.Nime Jamal
    7.Adriana Osorio
    8. Diana Delatorre Brazilian Bezel Swimwear

    To purchase tickets click on this link:

    Over the last 5 years Alvaro Altamirano has produced some the most important events of the Latino Community in New York City, COLOMBIA LUXURY LIFESTYLE, BESAME LINGERIE SHOW, COLOMBIA EXPOSHOW AND BLACK & WHITE TOUR FESTIVAL have been a huge success in introducing and showcasing Latino talent, culture and businesses to the big apple. This year Alvaro Altamirano introduces THE LATINO SHOW EVENT 2012.



Leather Elbow Green Sweater

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$820.00 USD

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