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WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

versace homme

Thursdays at Gallery U

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Gallry U Image.jpgThis Thursday Gallery U gets "MADE." The Montclair Arts Development Endevour (MADE) will preview work -- including large pieces by Marshall Okin, Christine Wagner, Stan Sudol, Robert Greco, Joe Iurato and Carmen Bury -- before the art heads west to Gallery U's new space in Royal Oak, Michigan (grand opening, Saturday September 4th).
Musical guests, Evan Luberger, Bible Gun and Kid Twist, will be performing courtesy of Montclair resident Christopher Stillmank's record company, Atlas Records.
Next Thursday, July 29th, Gallery U hosts "A Midsummer Night," which according to Robert Greco is "a sultry group show" curated by Montclair High School Grad, Amalia Grannis and Montclair State graduate, Alex Christian.
The exhibit on the 29th will feature artwork by such well-known New York City artists, as Gerry Visco, who sold out "Suburbialand" at Gallery U, and Gio Black Peter, who has sold out shows in NY, Berlin, Tokyo, Antwerp, and Norway. This is Gio Black Peter's second show at Gallery U, following Gallery U's Atonement exhibition where he also sold out all of his works. Art from Walt Cessna, Inbred Hybrid Collective, Scott Kosiorek, Robert Ordonez, and Seattle photographer Gregory Moon will also be on display.
Local artists will be featured including, Erica Resnick, Robert P. Langdon, Amalia Grannis, Alex Christian, Joe Iurato, Ariel, Jonathan Sykes, Paul Christian, as well as artwork by severely impaired children from the Matheny School Access Arts Program in Peapack, NJ, and art from Universal Institute's UI Collective. International artists, such as Robert Torres, of Germany, Romeo Vita, from Italy, and Rheeka, from France will also be on display.
Music for July 29th will include Moniker, Jonathan Badger and Mike Curtin
This will truly be an evening when "city meets suburb." Refreshments will be served and the event is free and open to the public. 


 Mulhouse organise du 13 au 16 juin 2010, la neuvième édition de l'exposition d'art contemporain Mulhouse 010. La création contemporaine issue des école d'art contemporaine issue des écoles d'art européennes, simultanémenent à la foire internationale d'art contemporain de Bâle : Art Bâsel.

Dans la continuité d'une dynamique européenne engagée en 2003 et riche des soutiens déjà rencontrés, la manifestation Mulhouse 010 est ouverte aux écoles supérieures d'art françaises, suisses, allemandes et italiennes.

Mulhouse 010 présente 92 artistes français et européens sur près de 6000 m². Les artistes sélectionnés expriment à travers différents médiums les tendances les plus novatrices de l'art actuel.

Photos : Baptiste GIORIA


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