WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

Friday, February 19, 2010

Review: Walt Cessna Photography at Live Fast

The entire lower east side converged on the tiny space to praise warrior photographer Walt Cessna Friday night.  Moving through the crowd of artists, designers, editors and all the other admirers that make New York fashionable, it almost seemed to taunt the end of New York Fashion week, as this is the scene that truly starts the trends, not Bryant Park.  Walt is no stranger to either. He has a gift of style and is able to capture the disaffected waifishness of one, the chaos in the next, the tranquility or pandemonium in the following, and so on.  They are all unassuming and subtly recessive in their acceptance of light and movement and contrasts, brilliantly orchestrated and delicious like cupcake frosting. I love how Walt is able to take even the most masculine man and expose his sly feminization.  Walt's self portraits are equally telling, you experience his mood, his joy his torment, his pride.  His self portraits are much like his voice - soft, reassuring and confident.  Walt's show, flawless.
Walt and Will at his show
Photographers extradonaire: 
Ves Pitts and Gerry Visco
Walt's limited edition book Fukt 2 Start Wit
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