WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I had bought Try State Magazine Issue One on a whim, I saw it, the cover was cool, and I was really take in. I looked up all the artists, became fans of their work and even purchased some pieces based on TS’s suggestions. I feel Robert and Robert had exposed me to a whole new group of amazing artists and I am forever grateful.
I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of Issue Two, Robert told me he mailed it as soon as they got it in and I thought to myself, the premier issue had to be a fluke of beginners luck. I could not have been more wrong. Second issue delivers!! Just as sleek yet more sophisticated, this issue is jammed packed with the most stimulating artists from around the globe. I can’t put it down. Robert and Robert have become my personal art consultants. The images are incredible! It’s no fluke. They claim they have their pulse on the beat of contemporary art, they couldn't be more on.
Most notable is Sylvain’s cover image and two color spread inside, this French photographer is really gaining international momentum with his style, sensuality and creative touches. I was delighted to see the “Top ten list” by Lauren Ezersky, the host of the former show “Behind the Velvet Ropes” wow I just love her and the article is hysterical. Asrul, Vaughn, Diego and Markus represent the creative “twink” set with super sexy portraits and Adriano Batista (who also appeared in issue one) really stretches his creative genius with an image of tremendous prospective. Rob Adams, I knew I heard that name, seemed familiar, well Try State’s Big Secret is revealed!! Rob Adams, is one of the most downloaded blowjob experts on XTUBE!! and they hook you up to him in the mag! BRILLIANT. I had read their blog about how art and porn runs a thin line! wow does it.
I am amazed at the talent of Ryan Pfluger, was blown away by the illustration of Richard Haines (who i then googled and saw his impressive history), Iggy - wow, what a shot!! I loved the images by Walt Cessna, made me stop, think and grin, Alejandro, JC, Mark, Caleb -all amazing. Albert Madaula - oh, this is incredible, where did he come from. Speaking of where did he come from - Olivier, Rico and Sean - wonderful pieces, can’t wait to go check out their sites! Austin Young has two portraits of Nina Hagen that I have never seen before and are beyond incredible.
I love the nudes of Gio Black Peter (who did cover for issue one) and Max Steele love letter, sexy sexy sexy and fun fun fun, what amazing young talent. Those photos of Gio gives me goosebumps. Ves Pitts, Michael Epps, Alexandra and Chris Summerfield - the images are captivating, I want them all!! Robbeyond’s burnt up Pradas are fantastic, Bolang’s photo of the bear in the tutu was a rip and the piece de residance - Caroline’s images of Madonna were even better than her portrait of Deborah Harry from last issue. I loved reading about Martha Davis and the Motels - Try State Magazine is really an amazing work of art in itself. Beautifully designed, edgy, progressive, and informative, you really just can’t get any better than this.

R. Vita, New York

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