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WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

Friday, July 31, 2009

Vaughn Michael

Oh how i love post-modern-neo-club-kids, Vaughn is this amazingly gifted artist from
Los Angeles (Think Cindy Sherman meets Michael Alig) who in one instant brings me back to the good old days of Disco 2000 (I visualize Michael stumbling around). I love Vaughn's work - anyone that can transport themself into an alter ego, deserves a place in my book. His talent oozes through each image - it is his set up, the makeup, the style, everything. I'd say, amazing emerging artist, I can't wait to see where his creative path takes him. - Robbeyond


  1. I think Vaughn Should be in the magazine because I think he is one of the best club kids and has more different looks then anyone he is the top club kid in my eyes and I know alot of others feel the same way!!! 100% I looked up to him when I was 16 years old and still do!! I LOVE Vaughn Michael!!!!

  2. I think that Vaughn should be in the magazine because 100% percent of his life goes into his work!

  3. Vaughn Michael belongs here!!!! His continuously blooming brilliance brings out emotions of all kinds--even ones never really thought of--when expressed through the many hats he wears as an artist. What makes him very special and exclusive is his ability to not have an 'image' but an entire gallery of identities he partakes when fit. If his artistic genius were put into a montage, it would require it be released in a boxed trilogy set at least, because it surpasses the capacity of creative license of others.

  4. vaughn is not only an amazing artist, hes an amazing person. hes so creative with everything he does, and he has always been a great friend to me. i know hes going to make it big, because he is capable of great things, and has the heart and compassion that most people these days dont have.

  5. I feel like a moron, not knowing much about Try State Magazine until I found Vaughn Michael on here. But let me say this, Vaughn is one of those people that I found out about a few years back and I've kept my eye on him ever since.

    His art-on-body approach is visually stunning, but his personality is even more interesting, with a world view that is rare, and critical.

    Great work! I'm going to order a copy of Try State now!

    -Jane (

  6. Great photos! Loving the colorful visions; every picture seems to be running over with creativity. This guy definitely has a signature style without any cliches. Get this stuff printed already!

  7. vaughn gives everything, both to his art and to people he cares about. i think he'd be great in your magazine. he is such an incredible creative voice.

  8. "His talent oozes through each image .. "

    -->> That's an hidden understatement.

    V.M. draws allot of inspiration not just from his twist on classic club culture but on he gouges his fingers into the underbelly and obscure sides of some of the most popular pop-culture franchises. Yeh namely the OOZE of Eastman and Laird's 'Ninja Turtle' Empire, Jack Kirby and creations of Jim Henson as prime examples.

    It's all in there fueling his work and deep down you can see that influence if you look hard enough.

    It's actually a unique vision and a sincere one.

    Behind all that is an incredibly devout, inspired and inspirational individual who knows more than his fare share of hardship.

    All these things have made the person,the artist , the work and craft stronger with the passage of time.

    If not in the performance ,the music , the puppetry , the sculpture , toys , the cartooning and painting , the visual effect is always something special and way out there. He pretty much a little bit of everything with a very strange, child-like wonder. It's pretty incredible.

    And again, the person behind it all is all heart. Much to his chagrin and much to give him so many kudos for.

    That's what i have to say.


  9. Vaughn
    has an ablitly to look at an image and change it in to somthing noone else would think of.
    his imagantion flows through his blood. and there is no limit for this artist.
    there is nothing he cannot do in the art world.
    and yet you have only seen very little of what he has done i bet you couldnt wait to see more creations at hand. i know he would be great in the magazine and that would give a chance to let others know his uniquie vision and style.



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