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WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

Sunday, April 1, 2012

inbred hybrid collective by try state issue four contributor
jerzy kowalski

inbred hybrid collective by try state contributor ves pitts

self portrait

inbred hybrid collective works

Inbred Hybrid Collective, Canadian-born inter-disciplinary/ multi-media artist was born on January 22nd, 1980, Grande Prairie, Alberta. Since 2005 Inbred Hybrid Collective has been living and working in New York, developing diverse events and exhibitions of increasingly significant scale.
Inbred Hybrid Collective presents a fractured vision of popular culture through a lens of utopian idealism, in painting, installation, music, writing, and performance. Inbred Hybrid Collective’s unflinching view of mundane human existence provides a stark contrast with an exaggerated ornamental approach to materiality. Inbred Hybrid Collective’s paintings suggest a wildly diverse universe of references, incorporating aspects of narrative structures of Renaissance paintings and the decadent decorative style of the Vienna Secession, among others. In addition Inbred Hybrid Collective creates often invasive and occasionally unsanctioned installations for display in public spheres. These sculptures use mundane objects such as wire hangers and tape to transform spaces and materials into organic, inclusive works of art.
Inbred Hybrid Collective’s work has been shown at venues as diverse as New York's Lincoln Center, Metro Pictures, the Ontario Crafts Council, The Queens Museum of Art, The Staten Island Museum, the Liverpool Independents Biennale, and The LGBT Centers of both New York and San Francisco. In 2009, Inbred Hybrid Collective made history as the first performance artist at the famous "Armory Show," in New York. Book Club Burlesque, a series of multi-media extravaganzas inspired by specific books, has been regularly produced by Inbred Hybrid Collective since 2005, and has garnered the attention of The New Yorker, New York Magazine, The Village Voice, and New York Press, among others.
Inbred Hybrid Collective made a highly regarded debut as a curator during the 2010 London Biennale.
Inbred Hybrid Collective's mandate is to stimulate a consciousness of the external factors affecting our human existence, through the creation of provocative, experientially immersive work.

 ves pitts

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