WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

Saturday, August 20, 2011

photo by walt cessna

try state contributor, solarixx

artist supreme: ramonn

Hotbed of Traditional Print Culture

Like it or not we are firmly into what’s being termed the digital revolution. Modernity is over. Didn’t you get the memo? They faxed out the news years ago. Post-Modernism got demoted to a school of thought. Welcome to the Information Age. The tools for data manipulation are cheap and accessible to most adults. Including the artists.
The room spanning computers in War Games & Blue Blue’s progenitors now fit in your backpack. The military’s advancements in solid state electornics & tele communication have led to cheap mass storage and have removing the traditional location barriers.
The ironic thing to note though despite the means of production becoming cloud based & digital, New York City as a creative hub and non-commercial art magazines have never seen such popularity.

New York is at the center of the physical printing & editing and talent network.
Looking Glass MagazineTry State Magazine, Spank & The Summer Diary Project are some of the most innovative leading the pack in this counter intuitive art trend. Leveraging free online blog & cloud based platforms each use the internet not just for promotion of their print projects but for crowd sourced editing & co creative critique.
Not to confuse things and suggest they are the originators of this technique. All one has to do is look at the artists they mine for their digital & physical editions to see.  Walt Cessna, Gregory Moon, Scooter LaForge & Christopher Stribley are just some of the early adoptors of social media as art and are pushing the bounds of the creative model with their thought provocing online projects.
One one level it’s all very incestuous: you’ll see an individual New Yorker (past or present) modeling, being on both sides of the camera or keyboard contributing to or having their work on several sites. The talent is versatile, wired and apart of an emerging supportive network of like minded artists. Focusing on the power of art, community & multimedia models New York produces a large volume of the original content on several social networks.
Check out the online expression of how New York artists have been applying the model of multimedia & crowd sourcing in innovative vein since many networks went live.




try state issue three contributor, joshua mainprize 



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