WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

photos by robert greco

some of my images and copies of Try State Magazine will be available for purchase tomorrow night



some images from other participating photographers:

 rob z

try state contributor, rob ordonez

try state contributor, ves pitts

FORBIDDEN PLEASURES: a night dedicated to the aesthetics of hedonism:

CONTACT: Hunteur Vreeland at

Presented by and TryStateMagazine
...Gallery Night- Thursday, June 23rd 2011
The Center, 208 west 13th Street Room Room 401
6pm to 10pm.
Suggested donation to benefit Men’s Sexual health Project: $5.Includes art exhibit, art sale, photo shoot auction and cocktails are available.

Using Paddles dungeon as backdrop, male erotic artists used the
setting of Paddles S/M club to create erotic art. Proceeds of the night will go to M*shp - Mens Sexual Health Project. This innovative project combines the Bellevue clinical service of HIV testing with NYU research in sexually transmitted infections and prevention.

Our Artists

Robert Ordonez, a punky David LaChapelle, explores slings and secret hallways with his camera, in search of grit, glam and bad boys with bad manners.

Rob Zukowski seeks out creative angles and tight shots with a focus on the expressions, postures and body language of men from initial touch through climax. His work aims to capture the drama, passion, sensuality, fantasy and emotion of men in their most private moments.

Thomas Evans regretfully will not be showing his fine work- we will miss his amazing work.

Mark Krieger is lured by the shards of light refracting off taut
torsos, chains and sweat, Mark Krieger composes a photographic ode to charged, sometimes dangerous, passion.

Ves Pitts revels in the spontaneity of the moment, as well as the
exhibitionist tendencies of partygoers, to create photographs that
emphasize lust, comedic hedonism and gay storytelling.

Richard Myers; always motivated by his strong libido. Richard’s most current works, reflects the meeting of sexual compulsion and technology. Influenced by the overwhelming amount of homo- erotic visual stimulus found on the internet/social media sites.

Celebrity Tarot reader and psychic Leslie Singer is
a life long student of the famous Frank Andrews. Leslie does not tell fortunes nor does she speak ethereally. She offers real time guidance for our everyday dilemmas allowing us to navigate our world with peace of mind.

Special cocktails are being featured for the June 23rd Gallery evening. Chris Asay was recently Featured on the Today Show- his creation Brent’s Blueberry Bomber has won the great jersey martini contest for 2011. Its like NOTHING you have ever experienced! Vodka, fresh lemonade, and blueberry juice that has been encapsulated in ginger liqueur by using advanced molecular gastronomy. It is literally a drink that explodes in your mouth! A true delight unlike any other on earth!

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