WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

Saturday, April 16, 2011

ryan edward scott

What's worth collecting....
Robert Greco, Gallery U

Since I deal primarily in emerging artists a lot of people ask my opinion on who to collect.  Everyone is looking to buy up pieces of the next Basquiat,  but for me it is more about passion and support than just making money.  Making money isn't a bad thing, but lending support, spotting trends and loving the artwork around you is more  important.

When curating a show, I want it to be visually appealing.  There needs to be a balance of what will sell and what pushes the comfort levels of people.  It is always easy to do one or other, my opinion is that it is difficult to create a balance and not create confusion.

So many people ask who I personally collect and who I recommend for beginning investors.  Here is my list of artists with inexpensive or reasonable emerging artwork, that is visually stunning and that I predict will increase significantly in value over the next decade.

3. Ramonn Vieitez
10. Michelle Y Williams

Gio Black Peter's new series, Communion

New Series 2011  8.5" Height x 6.5" Width x .75" Depth
Eight mixed media portraits on a hard wood panel.
The panel has a hole cut out of it right in the center.

You can buy these direct from Gio for $700.00 a piece. excellent investment and a fantastic selection. 

Naruki Kukita
Currently at
La Petite Mort Gallery
306 Cumberland Street
Ottawa, Ontario

Michelle Y  Williams - 10-210
michelle y williams
represented by
deloney newkirk gallery

gregory moon prints available at

jhina alveredo

sergio delgado
available at 

Benjamin Fredrickson

 Lillan Munch, Gallerist. Ms. Munch, owner of the former Pi Gallery in Copenhagen and seasoned graphic designer is the owner of MUNCH Gallery on Broome Street in NY.
Munch has developed an extensive knowledge of vital artist communities during her tenor as a gallery owner in Copenhagen.  With a particular emphasis on the distinctive styles emerging from Denmark’s thriving art community, the cumulative work of her selected artists depicts the rapidly evolving epicenters of vibrant art movements on two continents through transformative images. Lillan's suggests Rauha Makila. 

Rauha Mäkilä

 available at

  Justin Violini, Creative Consulting Executive, Collector and Founder/Curator of the Fearless Project: Justin recommends Sam McKinniss, "I feel he is painting what photographers in the similiar school/mindset are taking photographs of, however I see more of a longevity to the painting." 

 This is the thought I had about Naruki's work.  He is actively capturing the current New York scene and presenting it in such an appealing medium.

Sam McKinniss

Jordan Eagles
BAR 1-9 | 2009 | 8’ x 32’ overall | Blood preserved on plexiglass, UV resin | Front view 

Causey Contemporary, Brooklyn

Brian Clamp, Director of CLAMPART, has nearly two decades of experience in the field.  Brian holds a M.A. in Critical Studies in Modern Art from Columbia University, and is the author of thirty publications on American Art to date.  Brian suggests Jesse Burke's "inttertidal" and "low" series.

post game, Jesse Burke

sylvain norget

jessica yatrofsky

Also worth mentioning and also a good investment: Walt Cessna, Jessica Yatrofsky, Inbred Hybrid Collective, Christopher Stribely, Ryan Pfluger, Gerry Visco, Sylvain Norget, Robert P. Langdon, Erica Resnick, Drasko Bagdanovic, Diego Garcon, Federico Forlani, Robert Ordonez, Michael Alago, Michael Puff, Sergio Delgado, Solarixx, Benjamin Fredrickson, Jordan Eagles, John Arsenault.

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