WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bash Compactor: Easy Come, Easy Go

At the 'Instant' exhibition at Robert Goff Gallery

By Gerry Visco for NEW YORK PRESS

Why do men having an orgasm look like they’re about to croak? That’s what I discovered perusing the Instant exhibition at the
Robert Goff Gallery last week presented by The Fearless Project art collective. Pasted upon the walls, lined with construction paper and wild colorful graffiti, were 80 Polaroids of men taken while they were about to bust. I get the feeling a lot of them were flying solo. Of course, faces look far better post-climax—afterglow is better and cheaper than a facelift.
The gallery was Meatpackingindustrial chic and filled with familiar faces from the arts, fashion and music worlds. While I enjoyed the concept of the art, I would have preferred for variety’s sake including some women, trannies, chubbies, seniors and a taxi driver or two, but the faces were mostly young, male and white. High fives for gay lib, but true rebels need diversity.
“I want you to meet a very talented photographer,” art curator Robert Greco told me, dragging over Diego Garon, whose work was in the show. Japanese artist Naruki Kukita was running around snapping photos of everyone, as was Baschti Pollin, the paparazzo from the website Suck It Boy.
Upon arriving, I bumped into the energetic half-naked gyrations of Gio Black Peter, premiering a new song and a fetching pair of American flag boxer briefs in the middle of the gallery. “Gio, do one of your handstands,” I urged. “No, I don’t feel like it,” he said, a crowd forming around him. “I’d rather do some pushups on top of you.” Afterglow here I come.

top: gerry visco with gbp  bottom: robert greco with diego garcon 

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