WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

WINNER 2014 and 2017 GOLDEN WEB

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

From My Facebook Page:

is picking the kids up from band camp, making cookies, sending you a hug, a blue marlon, going to work, taking a nap, sending you a high five, playing Mafia Wars, moving up in Farmville, sending you a kiss, taking 40 quizes, trying to figure out what cartoon character, bible character, 80's band, movie and or book I am -turned myself into a sketch, accepted 67 invitations, another blue marlon, kids at baseball, sorority sisters, im a disney character i never heard of, You are all my friend for life, im a "Twilight Hottie, voted for Healthcare reform, voted against healcare reform - gay marriages - yes!, am the One millionth person to sign your Patition, I joined your cause - breast cancer, depression, heart foundation,suicide prevention, remembering 911, gay rights, save the children, the whales, the seals, the rainforest and oreo cookies. End Animal cruelty, be aware of Autism and - of course Suck the 15 Lollipops I got, I hit you back with the pillow for the pillow fight, My kid got a homerun, and I am going to back to school night, the teacher is a bitch and she's very nice, i wish she had the power to get the old facebook back, one million people want it! I am sending you back a shot, a jeely belly kiss and I totally Chugged all 26 Chug requests! I joined 綁匪之王: don't know what it is but I'm in! I accept your request from Blue Cove, i hope all the fish are well. My birthday says about me = i am obsessive compulsive. I support OCD rights! Oh and apparently I am Ginger, not Maryanne! I am sending a million prayers for every sick kid, dog, cat and plant on the planet! I am watching my kid eat pasta and making a mess of his face, i know its pasta because i took "you know you are from Jersey when" survey! Since your cause only has $500 and you need $50,000, i will dontate the rest. Another Pillow fight! Another Blue cocktail, this time a Martini!

Forget it all, TrY StAteMagaZine! -Robbeyond

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